Predictive Analytics Consulting

SeyVu, with our predictive analytics solutions, aims to serve the increasingly critical and burgeoning big data market

Our primary goal is to become the trusted adviser for a client's big data requirements and meet their unique needs

 Value Proposition

Focused on advanced analytics solutions, we provide consulting services to bridge the gap between data and decisions

Our goal is to enable customers achieve business value by drawing actionable insights critical to their business

Why Us

Team has a passion for advanced analytics

  • Expertise in Machine Learning and Statistics

Exclusively Open Source tools

  • Customers are not locked into expensive proprietary software

  • Customized based on problem and need

  • Cutting edge implementation of machine learning libraries

Training and transition to your organization

 Customer Testimonials

“I really appreciated working with the SeyVu team. What set SeyVu apart from competing firms was their desire and ability to understand my business context. They spent significant face time early in the project to discover the problems I was facing and my desired technical and business outcomes...” read more..

- Pat Crain, Manager, Software Engineering / Data Science, The Shop at VSP Global

‘Good data, Better decisions’

“ SeyVu was instrumental in accelerating our business towards a data-driven culture. The data integrity & validation function they performed identified key areas that had been overlooked internally. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing strong data science.” read more..

- Brandon Brown, CEO, Grin (

"SeyVu’s data scientists have demonstrated an incredible ability to apply the latest technology and data science to rapidly deliver real world value. Their biggest strength is in the application of data science: exceptional ability to hone in on a client’s business problem/opportunity..." read more..

- John Gray, CTO & Co-Founder, Infiniti Consulting

read more..


SeyVu has a strategic partnership with Infiniti Consulting Group ( to provide Predictive Analytics solutions to state & local government

Founded in 2004 as a public sector IT consulting firm, Infiniti has evolved into a public sector cloud services and consulting organization with a reputation for delivering results on time and on budget

Harnessing a deep commitment to state & local government, education, and healthcare; Infiniti aims to improve the lives of it's customers through innovation and technology

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 Customer Testimonials